About Us

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Why we are different

We are a team of professional individuals who believe in delivering a better recruitment service. We have had personal experience of dealing with recruiters, some good, some not so good. We are of the consensus that a consistent high level of service is rare. It is as if some take the view that clients and candidates exist for their benefit, not vice versa. A high standard to service is a right, not a privilege, so why should recruitment be any different?

in tune

In tune with client requirements

Having worked in various supply chain and finance roles sets apart from the bulk of similar service providers. Experience of recruiting during our careers means we understand the importance of identifying and recruiting the right people that will make a difference to your business.

right people

Finding the right people

We search, seek out and propose talented individuals across a broad spectrum of professions. For example,

Purchasing / Procurement
Business development

In addition, we have a broad range of candidates that are looking to move to the next stage in their careers, a sample of which can be found in the Candidates profiles section. Incidentally, some are available at short notice, meaning SCM can help fast track your human resource requirements.