Why choose SCM?

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Take the stress out of recruitment

If you are an organisation the recruitment process can be fraught with challenges. The old adage that time waits for no one has particular relevance. It is quite easy to under estimate the amount of time associated with searching, identifying and short listing candidates. Factor in the requirement to perform your day to day operational activities and you soon appreciate why your working day suddenly becomes longer and longer.


At SCM we do not have time on our hands, but we have time to recruit. It is our job, and unlike some organisations we can afford to allocate 100% of our time to searching, identifying, selecting and proposing talented individuals for you to consider. Our network of contacts means our reach can extend far beyond the ‘normal’ pool of professionals, thereby increasing the likelihood of appointing the right candidate with the minimum of delay. In the meantime, you will be able you to concentrate on your core activities.

If you are an individual, finding the ideal job can be challenging. With so many other potential candidates to compete against, it would be good to have someone on board that is going to wave the flag on your behalf. Some recruiters look to field their strongest candidates relative to the vacancy, which seems logical. Unfortunately, this can lead to some candidates becoming stereotyped and often overlooked.


At SCM we look from the other side of the fence. Each individual is unique, and we seek to unearth and promote the talents that will raise your profile amongst prospective employers. So let us help you on your journey in search of your ideal job.